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Doing it yourself:

Many websites give helpful advice on tackling DIY jobs for yourself. We applaud these sites and would encourage people to have a go if they are inclined.
But since one person's preferred technique is often not the same as another's, these sites contain many confusing inconsistencies.

Self help

We considered a self-help section on this website but with so many already it seemed pointless.
More importantly, we know handymen often have to 'pick up the pieces' after enthusiastic amateurs have tried to do things for themselves and either got into trouble, messed things up or realised a job was a lot more tricky than it looked.
SO REMEMBER you don't employ a handyman for just his ability, but also for his problem-solving experience. Afterall, if every DIY job was straight-forward then an experienced handyman would not be needed.

Here to help

If you have the time and the right tools to have a go yourself, remember a Guild Handyman is here for you if you get stuck.
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