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The benefits of choosing a Guild handyman:

The UK Guild of Handymen is raising standards to give you more assurance from those handymen who are members.

Always insist on a guild member.

We all hear the horror stories of rogue traders who botch things up or leave jobs half finished.
This is because, especially during times of recession, 'cowboys' set up in business almost overnight and compete with time-served professionals.


But whereas an experienced handyman will respectfully decline work he cannot complete to a commercially competent standard, the cowboys think they can do anything‚ÄĒresulting in customer dissatisfaction which damages the reputation of handymen as a whole.
Choosing a handyman who is a member of the UK Guild of Handymen means you can be far more certain of getting someone who has the wide range of skills you expect in order to tackle your varied 'to do' list. This is because the UK Guild of Handymen have set standards that members must meet which are aimed at giving you more guarantee of finding a reputable, competent and experienced 'professional' handyman.

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