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A handyman is effectively the 'trade' version of a GP doctor.
So where a bricklayer normally only lays bricks, customers expect a handyman to be competent, knowledgable and proficient in a large number of different practical skills.
But handymen are unregulated so how can you be sure to find a handyman you can trust to do a good job?

..the answer is the Guild

You can rely on a UK Guild of Handymen members because:
1) each Guild Handyman has passed our tough online competency exam designed to test versatility and experience.
2) A Guild Handyman must confirm having public liability insurance cover.
3) A Guild Handyman must abide by our code of conduct.
4) A Guild Handyman is only accepted with independently verified public reviews that confirm his abilities. using a UK Guild of Handymen member is as good as a 'word of mouth' recommendation.

But isn't there already a guild?

There is already a guild for master craftsmen but they cater for everyone from 'adhesive manufacturers' to 'workwear hire companies' and consequently appeal more on a business to business level.
Since a handyman will span many 'crafts' and is more likely to be engaged by the public than a business, he is not well-suited to the guild for master craftsmen which is probably why only a couple of dozen handymen have registered as 'master craftsmen' out of thousands who trade nationally.

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